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Top Pool Designs 2020

If you are interested in a new pool this year and need a pool builder Atlanta GA we can help here at Atlanta Outdoor Designs Inc. Pools are continuously becoming more unique so to keep up with the trends this year here are some pool styles that are popular right now.


Infinity Swimming Pools

Infinity swimming pools are a very mesmerizing and unique option. They give off the illusion of the edge of the pool overflowing so that you can keep swimming off into the distance. It is also a very simplistic looking design that can fit almost any style of back yard.


Smart Lighting

The use of smart lighting in and around your pool is something that can make any pool special. You can now choose any color and control the lighting to fit any mood or event you might be hosting. LED lighting is also known for being eco-friendly and more sustainable than other lighting options.



Another trend this year is fire around your pool. It gives off a warm and luxurious energy that is normally from a resort or vacation. It is visually stunning and can cause you to get more use out of your pool by wanting to swim at night. This can also offer a social appeal when hosting events or parties at your home.


Saltwater Pools

Saltwater Pools are a popular option since there are less chemicals and maintenance involved. Chlorine can be harsh on your eyes and skin so having a pool that is salt water can eliminate these problems. There is also no harsh smells involved and you will save money in the long run since salt is less expensive than chlorine.


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