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Tips for Designing your Pool

During these hot summer months it is the perfect time to invest in a pool builder Atlanta GA. With more time on your hands and an urge to escape the heat, planning for a pool is a great place to start. Here are some tips to help your planning process go a little smoother:


Maximizing space

When mapping out where you want your pool to be and the size, it is very important to maximize your available space. Many homes do not have as big of back yards as they once did so utilizing the space you are given to the best of your ability is crucial.  It is important that the pool is built in a visible area from inside of the house for safety and that it does not completely take up the entire space. During the colder months the pool may not be used as much which is why leaving space for other activities will come in handy.



When choosing a pool builder Atlanta GA it is essential that you know what aesthetic you are going for. The pool must fit the overall feeling of your house and this specific aesthetic should be known in the very beginning. Along with this comes color choice, materials and the overall layout.


Educate yourself

To have success with planning a new pool you must educate yourself on the types of materials and pool options. For example, knowing the different materials that can be used for the decking and walkways can be more important than you may think. It is also necessary to become familiar with the maintenance that comes with getting a pool and the proper care to ensure longevity of your new pool.


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