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Pools for Small Yards

If you have a small backyard but wish to have a pool of your own, this could still be made possible with the right pool builder Atlanta GA. This does depend on the local regulations for your property, so once this is approved, we can help you build the pool of your dreams in your tiny backyard! Swimming pools come in many different shapes and sizes, giving many spaces potential. The following are some examples of ways you could have a pool in your small backyard.

Follow the shape

One way to work with a small yard space is to follow the natural form of the space. This will allow you to have the biggest pool possible in your small space. This could also give it a unique shape and make it eye catching. 

Utilize Wall Space

Putting your pool against a wall will allow you to maximize your space. This will still give you a substantial section for walking or sitting while having the pool boarding a wall.

Swim Jets

If you wish to have a pool in which you are able to swim laps but simply don’t have the space, a swim jet pool could make your dreams come true! This type of pool uses jets to create a force of resistance that you can swim against, even in a small space.

Mix the Pool and Spa

To make the most out of the space, you could create a pool and spa in one. For example, you could put your spa inside of your pool. Another option is to create a pool that is a spa when you wish for it to be by simply adding in jets and heating. 

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