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Pool Restoration Guide: How to Bring Your Atlanta Pool Back To Pristine Condition

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Does your Atlanta pool need work? If you’re looking for a pool repair company, pool remodeling work or pool restoration in Atlanta, GA, turn to Atlanta Outdoor Designs for all your inground pool needs.

In some cases, pool repairs are simple and can be accomplished with minimal disruption in no time. Other times, damage to the pool is such that pool restoration is needed.

Once you contact Atlanta Outdoor Designs, we’ll inspect and assess the state of your pool. If pool remodeling is needed, we are the pool restoration and repair company to bring it back to full function.

While the steps necessary for your Atlanta pool may be different, below is the typical sequence of events that happens when you start a remodeling project.

First, we’ll remove all the water in your pool. Next comes removal of the pool liner, usually made of vinyl.

We focus on the pool shell next. If it’s painted, we’ll remove it, either with wet sandblasting or grit blasting. Next we’ll wash the walls to remove any debris and grit and make sure it’s washed away.

If the walls of the pool are made of certain materials, we’ll remove any areas that have deteriorated back to the concrete shell. We’ll fix any cracks and make sure the walls are in good shape.

In some cases, the pool requires a new concrete pour, in which case the shell and deterioration steps are eliminated. We’ll remove the old concrete completely before pouring in the new concrete form. This is when we’ll also install the new coping, which is the material that covers the top of the pool frame and separates the pool structure from the pool deck.

At this point, if you’re changing the pool deck or sidewalks, they’ll be installed. Handrails will be reinstalled too.

After the concrete has cured, we treat the pool bottom and walls with various materials and install a new liner. We’ll refill the pool and make sure it’s chemically treated properly before you give your new Atlanta, GA pool a first swim.

When You Need Pool Repairs

Pool owners often believe they can repair pool issues themselves. The problem is that without the proper experience, tools and knowledge, home repairs can make a situation worse.

If you see cracks in your concrete or plaster pool, hollow spots, or chipping, call a qualified pool restoration and repair company. Sometimes, resurfacing, not replacing the pool, can solve the issues.

Resurfacing involves draining the pool and cleaning it thoroughly. The surface then needs to be cleaned with special cleansers that remove mineral deposits. After the pool is cleaned and dries, a new layer of plaster can be applied. You have many options when it comes to the material used.

Among the options are using a basic plaster (concrete mixed with limestone or marble sand), or plaster mixed with aggregate material, quartz or fiberglass.

At Atlanta Outdoor Designs, we have years of experience working with Atlanta homeowners. Let us help restore your pool to its original beauty. If you are looking for pool restoration in Atlanta GA, contact Atlanta Outdoor Designs.

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