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How to Make a Statement with Custom Swimming Pool Designs by Hiring Trusted Pool Builders Atlanta

Atlanta Outdoor Designs Is a Proven Partner for Creative Outdoor Fun


Looking to add something different to your Atlanta, GA backyard space? A custom swimming pool can give you the opportunity to envision your own backyard escape. Atlanta Outdoor Designs is a leader in custom swimming pool designs. As a full-service swimming pools contractor, we’re the pool builders Atlanta that keep things cool all year long.

Working with a qualified swimming pools contractor like Atlanta Outdoor Designs, your time can be filled with swim sessions any time of day or night, pool parties with family and friends, and recreational exercise, all without leaving your yard. There are plenty of swimming pool designs to choose from that will align with your backyard landscaping, the style and layout of your lot and your house, and to complement other features of your Atlanta, GA property.

Here are just a few of the ways you can make a statement with custom swimming pool designs.

  1. Make Your Own Shape

New technology in pool construction means that homeowners today have lots of options when it comes to the shape of their backyard pool. Whether it’s a traditional rectangular shape, oval, round or free-form design, our expert designers and pool builders create the right solution for your space.

  1. Use Materials You Want

When you create your own custom designed pool, you have many choices to make, including the type of material used for construction, the types of filter and other equipment, the colors, even the texture on the bottom of your pool. From the height of a diving board to the type of tile or granite used around your pool’s edge, with custom designs you have many options to choose from.

We know sometimes sorting through all these options can be daunting. That’s why at Atlanta Outdoor Designs, we work with each customer to understand their budget, must-haves, and wish lists. We can help you come up with the right combination of features and styles to have you diving in no time.

  1. We Know It’s More Than A Pool

Are you looking to do something even more special with your custom pool design? We can help you figure out what kinds of other elements you might want to add to your pool area or backyard to add a special touch. Do you want fountains, waterfalls or pool bars? Special steps, hot tubs, patios, pergolas and special lighting elements can all be incorporated into a pool design project.

We also offer other hardscape elements that can add function to your landscaping, including fire pits, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, sound systems, walkways, fences and stone walls can bring new life to old, unused spaces in your backyard.

Atlanta Outdoor Designs has been helping Atlanta area homeowners with unique pool designs for decades. From original concept work to the first toe in the blue waters, we are here to help Atlanta, GA residents enjoy the great outdoors in style. If you are looking for pool builders Atlanta GA, contact the experts at Atlanta Outdoor Design.

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