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5 Reasons Why It’s Time For Pool & Patio Remodeling Atlanta

Atlanta Outdoor Designs Has Affordable Solutions To Make Your Space Great


With the Southern sunshine in full swing, it’s time to think about pool remodeling or pool renovations for your Atlanta GA home. And when you’re out of the pool, enjoy the fruits of a patio remodeling project to give you, your family and friends the ultimate experience!

Here are 5 reasons why it’s time for pool and patio remodeling Atlanta GA.

  1. New Function for Old Spaces

Maybe your family has changed and you need different types of entertaining space. With a patio remodeling or pool remodeling partner like Atlanta Outdoor Designs, you can create the ideal space that will meet everyone’s needs.

Older pools can have both obvious and hidden damage that requires attention. Chemicals, harsh weather and the sun’s ultraviolet rays can affect a pool and surrounding areas. In addition, liners can become damaged or tear, and equipment can break down. Whatever the reason, a new look to an old space may be just what you need.

Patio designs can include additional functionality, such as a patio cover that’s double-insulated, allowing you to wire electronic devices such as lights, entertainment equipment and small appliances.

  1. More Safety Features

Today’s pools come with advanced safety features and accessories to ensure that you and your guests can enjoy the pool with full confidence. Fences, safety nets, alarms, underwater motion sensors, infrared detectors and pool covers can help keep the area secure and reduce risks. We can also help install lighting in your patio or pool area to deter unwanted “guests.”

  1. Saving Money

Your pool’s filtration equipment, pump and heater can be a serious drain on your wallet. Make sure you have pool renovations that will reduce the cost of utilities. The same is true with a patio renovation. Giving yourself more space to enjoy beautiful days outdoors means you’ll spend less on air conditioning indoors. You can also consider adding an outdoor kitchen, grill or fireplace to the patio space, allowing you to reduce electricity and gas consumption.

  1. Landscaping Changes

Are you adding new gardens or plantings? How about a new room, kitchen remodel or new garage? What you do to your indoor space can affect your outdoor space too. While you’re changing the form, function and look of your home, consider the impact it will have on your backyard. The same goes for new plants and gardens, which can be incorporated into a comprehensive pool remodeling or pool renovation project.

  1. Something New

A pool renovation project is a great time to think about some of those other features you’ve always wondered about. With a pool remodeling project, you can add a waterfall, bubbling fountain, deck jets, diving board, water slide, hot tub or bubbling jets.

Atlanta Outdoor Designs has been creating beautiful patio and pool designs for decades. Multiple generations of builders work for this family-owned company committed to beautiful designs and landscape solutions. If you are looking for patio remodeling Atlanta GA, talk to the experts at Atlanta Outdoor Designs.

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