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Why Fall Is The Perfect Time to Get A New Atlanta Pool

Choose Atlanta Outdoor Designs to Install Your Ideal In-Ground Oasis


Dryer ground, less waiting, and moderate temperatures make fall the ideal time for Atlanta, GA, homeowners to remodel or install a new pool. At Atlanta Outdoor Designs, we provide the services for pool remodeling Atlanta homeowners have come to expect. We’re pool builders Atlanta residents have trusted for decades. For Atlanta pool solutions, in the autumn or throughout the year, contact our seasoned staff.

Why should you consider a new Atlanta pool in the fall? Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Better ground conditions. In the fall, the ground is drier and more solid. This means there will be less damage to landscaping that needs to be repaired. In the spring and summer, wet, soft ground can be torn up by machines and supplies being moved to the pool site.
  • Less disruption. In the spring and summer, it’s likely your backyard is used frequently. As the weather begins to cool, outdoor activities begin to wane. That means the fall is when pool installation or pool remodeling Atlanta projects make sense. Fall construction also allows more time to restore and allow your lawn to recover from the digging and other construction work that comes with a fall Atlanta pool project.
  • Lower costs. In the fall, many Atlanta pool manufacturers and suppliers are looking to reduce inventory to make space for next year’s models. That means homeowners can take advantage of some great deals and save money with a fall installation timeframe.
  • You’ll be ready. When you have a pool on your property, nothing can put a damper on family festivities or planned events than a pool area that’s being renovated or is under construction. Fall construction lets you be ready for all those major spring and summer events on your calendar.
  • Tax benefits. While a pool can be an expense for homeowners, it’s also an opportunity to take advantage of tax benefits. Pools qualify as a home improvement, meaning a portion of the cost can be written off on next year’s tax return.
  • Easier scheduling. As one of the top pool builders Atlanta residents seek us out when the calendar turns. With in-demand services at a premium during the spring and summer, scheduling a fall pool renovation or installation project means you’ll be able to plan better around your other obligations and holidays.
  • Phased projects. If you’re installing or renovating a pool, chances are you’ll also be putting in a new deck. When your pool project is done in the spring or summer, you’ll want and need to complete deck work right after the pool work is completed. With a fall installation, you can space out these projects, and their costs, over a longer time period.
  • Cooler temperatures. In the autumn, the air temperature and humidity in Atlanta, GA, is lower than in the spring and summer. That means employees can work faster and complete jobs without overheating.

Atlanta Outdoor Designs offers creative design work, expert installation and more than 35 years of experience in Atlanta pool work.