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Plants to Fulfill Your Backyard Landscape All Year-Round

While it’s true that most plants are seasonal, there are some that make for picture-perfect backyard landscaping in Cumming GA no matter the weather. 


Crab Apple Trees

Apple trees may have you thinking of Autumn, but add one of these to your backyard landscaping design and you’ll be satisfied all year. In the spring, crab apple trees are filled with beautiful pink or white flowers, which bloom into ripe fruit in the summer. In the fall, the apples fall (or you can pick them!) and the leaves turn into beautiful seasonal colors. Crab apple trees can also fit into smaller garden spaces. 


Viburnum Opulus

This blossom has beautiful bouquets of small, white flowers in the warmer months, which turn into bright red berries in the fall. The leaves themselves turn red before falling, making for a beautiful autumnal plant in your backyard landscaping design.



You may recognize this famous flower from its association with the luxury Chanel brand, but the plant makes for a beautiful addition to your backyard. The big flowers only bloom in the spring, but the plant itself stays vibrant and green year-round. Put it in a large planter for your landscaping patio, or plant it in your backyard landscaping. 



This bulk of tiny flowers blooms in the spring and summer, and leaves evergreen foliage well into the cold months. There is even a specific variety of the flower called Autumn White, which brings a second round of blooms in the fall. 


Forest Pansy

‘Forest Pansy’, more formally known as Cercis Canadensis, is a leafy plant that changes color throughout the seasons. In the spring, the plant will bear pink or purple flowers, which bloom into vibrant red leaves in the summer. The leaves transition into a golden shade before falling in the winter, but the multi-stem shape of the plant is even attractive during the bare winter months. 


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