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The Process of Swimming Pool Construction

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are swimming pools. Though it’s winter, it may be time to start thinking about your summer plans, and whether or not they include your own pool in your backyard. The average build time of a pool is 6-12 weeks, so time for planning is required. Here are the steps for swimming pool construction in Atlanta, GA.

Step 1: Design

The first step is to consult a designer and engineer. They will go over the best pool shape for your yard, as well as any codes or restrictions. You should have in mind any requests, such as family-friendly or additional pool steps that your pool contractor should accommodate. The contractor will also help you obtain all necessary permits.

Step 2: Excavation

This is where things get dirty as your contractor starts digging. The excavation crew will come in with some heavy equipment within a couple of days and dig the pool to the engineering plans. There are a lot of permits involved in this step.


Step 3: Steel Instillation

The steel is shaped and formed as your pool will look, this is the base of the pool.


Step 4: Plumbing & Electrical Work

This is important for the circulation of the pool. It also programs any special water features or jets.


Step 5: Shotcrete

Pressurized concrete is shaped to the layout of your pool. It will take some time to dry.


Step 6: Tiling

Once the concrete has been set, the beautiful interior process can begin. Whatever tiles or designs you’ve discussed with your pool contractor will be installed and grouted.


Step 7: Interior Finish

The next step is to put the final waterproof level of the concrete. Immediately following this step the water will be added.


Step 8: Pool Start-Up

The technician will calibrate the circulating pump and set the timer. Any technology necessary will be turned on in preparation for you to dive into your new pool!


After finishing your pool, additional optional steps include decking and landscaping around the pool and backyard area. For more information from our pool contractor Cumming GA on swimming pool construction in Atlanta GA, visit Atlanta Outdoor Designs today!