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Pool Renovations Atlanta GA

Hiring a Pool Renovations Company in Atlanta GA

Atlanta Outdoor Designs, Inc. Can Transform Your Pool and Backyard Space

Whether it’s a leak, a broken filter or a full redesign, Atlanta Outdoor Designs is the choice for pool renovations and new pool construction. We will help change the look and feel of your beautiful backyard space with hardscapes that add form and function. When it comes to inground pools and pool renovations Atlanta GA homeowners trust our creativity and service to deliver amazing results.

There are a whole range of possible options with a pool renovation, including:

  • Liner replacement
  • Interior resurfacing
  • Deck resurfacing
  • Coping replacement
  • Adding an automatic safety pool cover
  • Adding hardscapes such as a bubbler, waterfall or scupper
  • Adding or removing a water slide or diving board
  • Installing a new attached spam whirlpool or hot tub
  • Changing the depth of the pool, such as making a pool shallower for better lap swimming
  • Converting the pool to a salt water system
  • Adding special features such as a swim-up bar or tanning ledge

Whatever the reason for your pool renovations, we take care to follow a precise methodology with each and every job. Our steps include:

  • Inspection. With the homeowner present, we will complete an inspection that provides an assessment of your pool’s condition. We will measure the pool dimensions and take careful notes. We’ll provide you with our initial assessment and answer any questions you may have.
  • Written Proposal. We will send you a written proposal that covers the full scope of the pool renovation or new pool construction. The proposal will include costs for materials, labor, optional features, equipment and supplies.
  • Material Selection. When work begins, we will walk you through available options for coping, tile, plaster, equipment and other options.
  • Prep. Prior to beginning work, we will help and advise you on the removal of materials in the yard, the draining of the pool water, shutting off a filtration system and removing certain pool components as necessary.
  • Demolition. If the pool is being extensively renovated or replaced, we will remove the tile, coping, decking and concrete as necessary using jackhammers and hand hammers. We will remove any and all debris.
  • Installation. New materials are installed in a specific order, usually, coping, then tile, decking and plaster. Masons may install scaffolding and forms to complete their work. We will explain each step, from the laying of crushed stone to the pouring of concrete and plaster. Caulking and sanding are used to finish the project.
  • Remediation. We will repair any disturbances to the property and thoroughly power wash the pool area.
  • Operation. We will make sure all of the equipment is working, the pool is filled and you know how to operate and maintain your new or renovated pool.

When it comes to inground pools Atlanta GA homeowners have relied on Atlanta Outdoor Designs. In the past 20 years, we’ve installed hundreds of pools throughout the Atlanta area. We offer extensive pool installation and remodeling services as well as other outdoor landscaping and accessory services. If you are looking for a pool renovation Atlanta GA, contact the experts at Atlanta Outdoor Designs at kl@atlantaoutdoordesignsinc.com or 706-485-7998.