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New Pool Remodeling

New Pool Remodeling Atlanta, GA

3 Fun Pool Remodeling Ideas

Summer is nearing an end, but the use of your pool should not. Continue to play with the excitement and energy that exudes from your backyard paradise. Choose from our “pool” of remodel options to keep up with the latest landscaping trends. Atlanta Outdoor is the premier pool repair company Atlanta to help ease the process of making your project go on without a flaw. There is no reason your oasis should be anything less than perfect. Below is a list of our favorite ideas for new pool remodeling:

  1. Underwater LED Lights: Underwater LED lights are the best way to have a dramatic change in your pools ambiance without the burden of long renovation. These lights can compliment any mood your backyard is trying to convey, whether it’s for a large scale party or intimate gathering. LED lights can also give off the illusion the your pool is deeper (or more shallow) by fine tuning both the color and intensity of the lights. LED lights, also known as light-emitting diodes are a two-lead semiconductor light source, have been around for over 50 years and can spice up any yard aesthetic!
  2. Stone Decking: Stone decking is an unique renovation that can significantly increase the sophistication of your backyard sanctuary. By replacing old decks, a pool’s appearance can be improved greatly. Stone decking is an upgrade every pool owner should consider at some point in their pool’s life, as it improves the general functionality and longevity of the pool. Stone decking can also increase the value of your home.
  3. Beach Entries: Beach entries are the ultimate way to bring paradise to your backyard! If you have ever dreamed of having a place to partially submerge while basking in the sun, then a beach entry is for you. This feature is also a great component for families with kids, as the slope entry makes it safer for new swimmers.




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