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5 Tips for Transforming Your Patio

Thinking about upgrading your patio but not sure what to add? Patios can be a great place to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with friends and family so why not create a space you love. Here are our 5 recommendations for enhancing your patio.

1. Update your Paving
If your patio consists of concrete slabs you might want to consider upgrading to pavers. Pavers is a tile system that can be easily placed on existing concrete ground. Pavers come in numerous styles such as clay, stone, and brick. On top of adding more style to your patio, pavers are easy to replace in case one of the tiles gets damaged.

2. Adding a Fire Feature
One of our favorite patio upgrades is implementing a fire feature. On top of increasing your patio enjoyment, adding a fire pit to your patio will provide a great amount of light and heat to your backyard. Fire pits are great for casual hangouts or entertaining friends and family. With numerous design options there’s a fire feature for every style.

3. Landscaping
Patio landscaping is essential when it comes to transforming your backyard space. Patios can seem somewhat unfinished and uninviting if not furnished with plants. With numerous plant options you’ll want to choose options that tie the space together and provide ambiance. A simple way to add greenery to your patio is the use of counter gardens that can grow almost anything.

4. Outdoor Lighting
Warm summer nights are perfect for spending time on your patio. Outdoor lighting is an important element to consider when upgrading your patio space. Depending on the ambiance there are tons of lighting options to choose from. You might want to consider adding LED-lighting, string lights, or lanterns to your patio space.

5. Water Features
Water features are a great way for enhancing your patio and backyard. Adding a fountain, pond, or pool can transform your patio space into a sanctuary. The sound of running water can help relieve stress and make your patio a place to relax.

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