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Finding The Right Pool For Your Backyard

Summer is here, which means it’s time to finally call our pool contractor Atlanta GA team and add a pool to your backyard! 


There is a lot to consider when building your in-ground pool, but perhaps one of the most important questions is this: what size will my pool need to be? Here’s how to know what size to choose for your new addition.


First, you’ll need to remember why you want a pool in the first place. Will it be used for swimming laps, lounging and tanning, or to entertain your little ones during summer vacation? If your pool is designated for play or exercise, you’ll want to go big. However, if you just need a place to cool down and relax in the sun, you can save money and maintenance with a smaller structure.


You’ll also want to consider the bigger picture- what can you do with the space you already have? If your backyard is on the smaller side, or if you plan to leave greenery for a yard, garden, or playground, you’ll need to downsize your pool design. Of course, our team can help you design your backyard garden and landscape before our pool builders come in!


When discussing pool size, you’ll want to account for not just length and width, but shape and depth. Will you want a long, rectangular pool for workouts, or would a shaped pool with added features work best for your summer parties?


Don’t forget about finishing touches. When you’re building your own custom pool, you can and should make it your own. Maybe you’ll want to add a slide for the kids, a swim up bar or grill for entertaining guests, or a baja shelf or beach entrance to take advantage of the sunny days outdoors. Whatever your dream pool looks like, our pool builders and contractors can bring your vision to life!


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