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Get Ready For Winter With A Custom Fire Pit For Your Atlanta GA Backyard

When the Weather Gets Cooler, Turn to Atlanta Outdoor Designs to
Heat Up Your Outdoor Space With A Custom Fire Pit

Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean Atlanta GA homeowners need to stop enjoying their backyard spaces. Atlanta Outdoor Designs Inc. helps area residents install a custom fire pit, backyard pizza oven or outdoor fireplace in their backyard that can be used all year long. Entertain and warm the hearts, toes and bellies of your family and friends with our custom outdoor fixture solutions.

Fire pits offer comfort and function and can be customized to fit the backyard layout of your home. What’s more, a fire pit is a natural place to gather with friends and family, especially as the end-of-the-year holidays approach.

What should you consider when installing a custom fire pit? Here are some of the considerations our skilled consultants will discuss with you when you choose Atlanta Outdoor Designs.

What Space Is Available?

We can help you determine the right size fire pit to install, including the width and height that is proportionate to the space. We will also discuss what seating you want near your fire pit to allow everyone to enjoy the space safely.

What Type Of Fire Pit Do You Want?

There are a number of possible styles of outdoor fire pits to choose from. Here are three of the most popular:

  • Pagoda
    These fire pits are taller than most and usually are more stylishly designed. Such fire pits can also double as an outdoor grill.
  • Table Top
    These models rest in the center of a table that encircles the fire pit. Some models also allow you to use them to cook meals. Table top fire pits can be fueled by wood, gas or gel and are conducive to larger social outings.
  • Chimnea
    Traditionally built from terra cotta, this increasingly popular model now comes in copper, iron and steel finishes. This portable outdoor fireplace typically uses wood for fuel but newer models can also use gas.

What Material Do You Prefer?

Today, there are a wide variety of materials available, including aluminum, ceramic, copper, iron, manufactured stone, natural stone and steel. We can also recommend the surface necessary to keep your fire pit safe, whether an existing patio or driveway or a newly installed fire mat.

What Will It Be Used For?

Your fire pit can serve a multitude of functions. Will it be used for heat? If so, then wood or gas burning models are better choices. Do you want to grill on your fire pit or use it as a backyard pizza oven? If so, certain models and materials will better meet your needs.

Do You Want It To Be Portable?

Do you need to rearrange your outdoor space to accommodate different functions or crowds? If yes, choosing a fire pit that weighs several hundred pounds is probably not the best option. Fortunately, there are lighter options that make redecorating a breeze.

What Fuel Source Do You Prefer?

Fire pits can be fueled by various sources, including gel, liquid propane gas, natural gas or wood. Each has its advantages and convenience factors. Some provide the snap, crackle and pop that you desire while others are more clean-burning options.

Whatever your needs are, trust our experts at Atlanta Outdoor Designs to help you find the right style, material and size fire pit to keep you warm and comfy in your Atlanta GA backyard all year round. If you are looking for a fire pit, outdoor fireplace or backyard pizza oven for your Atlanta GA home, turn to the experts at Atlanta Outdoor Designs.