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A Custom Outdoor Fireplace Just in Time for Winter in Atlanta GA

Setting the Perfect Mood with a Custom Outdoor Fireplace


With winter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to do some fireplace remodeling or build a brand new custom outdoor fireplace. Watching flames burn from an outdoor fireplace is relaxing, romantic and intimate. Whether you want to cozy up to someone special, or just need a meeting spot to chat with loved ones, an outdoor fireplace will help you set the perfect mood for any occasion. If you are looking to build a custom outdoor fireplace at your Atlanta GA home, contact Atlanta Outdoor Designs.




Outdoor fireplaces come in a variety of shapes and styles. If you want to create a space for conversation, consider a fire pit in the shape of a circle. You can also design a fire pit, like a rectangle, which you can line up against benches so that your guests stay warm. In general, there are two styles of fire pits – built-in and portable.


  • Built-in: If money is no object, definitely go for a built-in fireplace. It will be a bigger construction project, but the results will be worth it. You can build them near your patio, or as a stand-alone feature in the backyard. Materials commonly used are brick, tile, stone, and stucco. Atlanta Outdoor Designs can design and install your custom outdoor fireplace in Atlanta GA.


  • Portable: For those on a budget, you may want to consider building a portable fireplace. It’s also incredibly convenient, as you can move the fireplace around, whenever you’re in the mood for a new look. Common materials used are cast iron, aluminum, steel and copper.




You can really add some pizzazz to your custom outdoor fireplace by complementing it with the right accessories. Balls, firestones, logs, and a designer favorite, fire glass, can really elevate the look of your outdoor fireplace. You can find them a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Look through Pinterest to find creative ideas to inspire you.




If you’re in the market to upgrade your current fireplace, consider doing fireplace remodeling. Fireplace remodeling is not only great for aesthetic purposes, but it also adds more value to your home, making it much more attractive to potential buyers. Brick fireplaces are the easiest to replace. Wrap the brick in wood, or tile. The small portion of exposed brick that is left, you can keep within the fireplace itself. The two textures present an ultra smart, modern and unique look.


Are you looking to do fireplace remodeling or to build a custom outdoor fireplace in Atlanta, Georgia? Atlanta Outdoor Designs has been in business for over 30 years. We have only one goal in mind, to provide high-quality outdoor design work for our clients. For more information, contact us at 706-485-7998 or kl@AtlantaOutdoorDesignsInc.com.