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10 Questions to Ask Before Building a Swimming Pool

Learn the Ten Questions to Ask Before Building Your Dream Pool


Are you looking for New Pool Construction Atlanta, or to have Pool Remodeling Atlanta done to make your backyard a tropical getaway? Atlanta Outdoor Designs is the place for you! The Pool Builders Atlanta are the best and can make your dream pool a reality in your own backyard. If you are thinking of adding a pool to your backyard or having Pool Remodeling Atlanta done New Pool Construction Atlanta is here to help! Below are 10 questions to ask yourself before building a swimming pool!


  1. Why do I want a swimming pool?

Pools can be built with many different purposes in mind. Pools meant for fitness may have great differences from those intended for recreation; similarly, a pool meant for entertainment will be vastly different from one meant to meld with garden aesthetics. The purpose of the pool has a strong influence on the design, so you may want to consider such questions before pool design and construction begins.


  1. Who will use the pool?

In order to accommodate the needs of those who will use the pool, it is best to consider their needs prior to construction. For example, households with novice swimmers, like toddlers, may want to include shallow areas. In contrast, pools for the elderly may feature extra hand rails. Underwater speakers, diving boards and slides are all additional features that may vary depending on the pools users.


  1. Is my yard suitable for pool construction?

Builders recommend that before pool construction begins, soil tests should be performed to make sure the construction site is suitable for an added pool addition. Building concerns could be centered around soil that is sandy, expensive, or rocky. The ideal pathway for a pool should be at least 8 feet wide!


  1. Where will the pool be located?

Pool location is important because homeowners typically spend more time enjoying the views of the pool compared to swimming in it. The pool should be enjoyed year-round so it is recommended to include landscape lighting and water features to make your pool aesthetically pleasing. Your pool should be enjoyed visually all times of the day and year.


  1. What shape and style will the pool be?

Your pool should be an extension of your home, and should complement the existing architecture that surrounds it. Seasoned pool builders recommend designing your pool in a way that enhances your home.


  1. What special features do I want in my pool?

Special features round out the pool and offer an opportunity to tailor the pool to your needs. Unique features might include underwater lights, benches and speakers; pool safety covers and nets; handrails; or even a swim up bar, if you’re feeling rowdy.


  1. What other backyard amenities do I want?

Listing all other backyard amenities you want or would ideally like to have, even if it doesn’t fit your budget at the moment, will give your pool designer more insight into what your backyard could eventually be. This can ensure that your backyard is aesthetically pleasing when all renovations are complete.


  1. What materials do you want to use?

Plaster has been the dominant pool surface for decades but there are other materials out there to make your pool unique and beautiful. Fiberglass and Vinyl are becoming increasingly popular. Elaborate tile mosaics and and glass tile can help you have artistic flexibility that luxury pool owners seek. You will want to look at surrounding architecture and landscape for clues about what materials to use.  


  1. How can you ensure that your pool will be easy to maintain?

A great concern of pool owners is the need for maintenance. No pool is maintenance-free, however intelligent building can ease the process and greatly reduce maintenance. Larger pipes, quick turnover rates, variable-speed pumps, and automatic sanitizers are all viable options to reduce maintenance.


  1. Will the pool increase your property value?

The best thing to invest in is a pool if it will increase your property’s value. In warmer areas with mild winters, like Florida and Arizona, pools can increase property value but in areas with cooler climates like Michigan and Maine, pools can negatively affect home sales.